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Welcome to CppCasts

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You've probably stumbled across this page wondering 'Seriously? Isn't Youtube full of C++ tutorials, walkthroughs, livestreams, guides, instructions, talks, discussions, seances?' You're right, Youtube has a ton of content, StackOverflow has a ton of information, the Internet as a whole literally already has everything you could ever learn in a lifetime.

So why have I started CppCasts? Well, because as I've been learning C++ after several years of C, Java, and Ruby development I've the experience extremeley annoying. There are so many build tools, versions of the languages, project structures, and on top of that the language itself is so rich with such widespread applications. I was surprised that no one before offered a professional teaching service dedicated to C++ with a lot of content.

So that's why I bring you CppCasts

What are CppCasts?

CppCasts are detailed 5-20min screencasts about C++. It is catered towards C++ developers and learners of all ages and levels but with a focus on more intermediate and advanced topics. CppCasts will not only cover facets of modern C++ but also how to use different build tools, unit testing frameworks and even applying C++ to build modern distributed systems.

A language that powers our browsers, video games, servers and so much in between, it deserves a platform for high quality learning


  • Weekly Screencasts beginning Oct 2019
  • Built in note talking and reviewing capabilities
  • Run and modify example code
  • No topic is off limits: pointers, threading, systems programming, networking, generics, std library, boost, other libraries, build systems, testing frameworks, etc.

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